Mike and Meek in the Pen


    Join the cult following hanging on every word when  ‘Mike and Meek in the Pen’ cue it up for another episode on Wednesday, May 9 at 4 p.m.

    Todd Meeker, right, provides his dry wit and insightful color commentary to complement the velvety smooth play-by-play tones of Mikey Riley as the two chronicle the 2012 Willow Glen baseball season.

    The internet broadcasts do actually originate from the Willow Glen bullpen so you never who might drop by or what kind of questions these two might ask.

       Click here to go to another website to listen live to ‘Mike and Meek in the Pen’ or to listen to an archived copy of a previous broadcast, preserved for your enjoyment in its full,  stereophonic magnificence.

    Have a question for Mike or Meek? A comment or a suggestion? A funny story? A blooper to report? Send it to willowglenbaseball@hotmail.com and who knows what prizes could be available as the season winds down and more junk accumulates in the bottom of the ball bag.

  Don’t miss a minute of  ‘Mike and Meek in the Pen.’

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